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Ashdod Desalination


The Ashdod Desalination Plant is MDE's main project. During 2011 MDE won a BOT tender for the planning, construction, financing and operation of a seawater desalination plant in Ashdod (for 25 years). The desalination plant will provide over 100 million cubic meters of desalinated water per annum to the national water system, through the New National Water Carrier.


The technology on which the plant will be based on is "Reverse Osmosis"- a method in which the water is streamed under high pressure through membranes which separate the salts and the water, so that at the exit two streams are created: half of the quantity is of desalinated water and the other half- brine, which is returned to the ocean. The plant will include advanced control systems which will be activated from the central control room, underwater pipelines and a power plant for the private production of operational energy.


The estimated amount of investment is approximately 400 million dollars.


The construction of the plant is performed by an EPC, chosen from an international tender (the IVM Group). In addition, MDE owns a subsidiary, Ashdod Desalination Operation, which will be the O&M for the plant after the completion of construction. The plant is scheduled to begin its operation in full capacity during 2015.

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The Standards Institution of Israel

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