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Water Quality and Security

“Mekorot” is dedicated to the supply of high quality water for all of Israel’s needs and it initiates many activities to ensure that the people in the country enjoy quality water at all times. Using an advanced technological array and extensive professional knowhow, “Mekorot” knows how to provide the best possible answer to the water quality challenges,  compatible with regulations.
In order to meet this mission “Mekorot” invests extensive resources and effort in quality and quality assurance. The Group operates in parallel with over 800 dedicated facilities monitoring the integrity and efficiency of water treatment. Every year, “Mekorot’s” quality assurance labs carry out about 271,000 different tests to approximately 71,000 water samples. “Mekorot’s” monitoring is carried out throughout the supply chain while the Group strives at all times to prevent hazards and pollutants around the water sources as well.
Alongside the water quality array, “Mekorot” operates a water safety array. Water is a strategic asset for the State of Israel. To preserve this asset in a geo-political environment under numerous security threats, “Mekorot” developed a strategy to protect the water sources and their transport for drinking, agriculture and industry. “Mekorot” has proven efficient by coping with threats to water safety, including: risk evaluation, preparing for scenarios and training professional teams, handling events and preventing damage to the Company’s facilities. The security measures implemented by the Company minimize the danger of water sources pollution and increase the protection against sabotage and damage to equipment. These measures are also sought by countries in geo-political conditions similar to those found in Israel.







The Standards Institution of Israel
The Standards Institution of Israel

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