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Water Management and Supply

The major challenge that has accompanied Mekorot since its inception is the regular and reliable supply of water of the best quality to all the inhabitants of Israel. Through integrated management of the water resources and providing solutions for the future, from a national perspective, Mekorot has succeeded in meeting the complex challenge and in providing wide-ranging solutions to the growing consumption of water. Its success derives from the professionalism, know-how and experience accumulated throughout the years of its activities.

Mekorot maximizes the potential for water production from natural sources on the one hand, while providing new solutions to increase the amount of available water on the other. The result: From the peaks of Mount Hermon to the edge of the Arava, and to the secluded farms in the Negev, just like in the big cities, 365 days a year – Mekorot brings water to every water faucet in homes, agriculture and industry in Israel





The Standards Institution of Israel
The Standards Institution of Israel

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