Stormwater Catchment

In Israel there are very few natural water sources. The state of those few sources has deteriorated in recent years following the prolonged drought that hit the country. One of the actions initiated by “Mekorot” to increase the amount of available water and improve the water balance is the collection of stormwater – activity that is also considered unique in the world.


Through this activity “Mekorot” succeeds in exploiting valuable water that if not for the Company’s initiative would have been lost. In an average year of rain, about 25 million cubic meters of stormwater are collected, and directed to various consumer uses. In the storm that struck Israel in January 2013, “Mekorot” managed to collect about 19 million cubic meters of floodwater in the Company’s stormwaters collection factories across the country: 13 million cubic meters of water for agricultural use and 6 million cubic meters of water, which were introduced into the groundwater reservoirs so they are later directed for domestic use.