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Rain Enhancement

Mekorot is committed to increasing the amount of water in Israel and to using every drop of water possible. This commitment is also reflected in the exceptional activities that the company performs for rain enhancement in Israel. Does it sound like fantasy? Connecting aircraft, radar, and satellite operators, it seems as if we are talking about a good Hollywood thriller movie. However, this film is part of the daily routine of EMS Mekorot, a subsidiary of Mekorot that increases the amount of rain through cloud seeding.


This unique activity that occurs between the months of November and April, gives rise – according to hydrological studies and calculations conducted over the years – to an increase in the amount of rainfall in Israel (in the north and above the drainage basin of the Sea of Galilee) of 10% -15% on average annually. These rates represent additional water of 30-40 million cubic meters per annum for the Sea of Galilee, at a very low cost per cubic meter.


EMS Mekorot recently received an innovative and unique Polarimetric Doppler Weather Radar System, which further upgrades its capabilities to detect and identify rain clouds. Its performance and achievements have brought recognition from the international scientific community and they have even been praised by the American science journal SCIENCE.






The Standards Institution of Israel
The Standards Institution of Israel

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