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The needs of the water market, and especially the constant water shortage in Israel, led “Mekorot” to expand its operations from the supply of water from natural sources to producing water from alternative sources as well. Desalination is one of the most prominent methods for producing water from these same sources. With experience of over 50 years in water desalination “Mekorot” is one of the world's leading water companies.
“Mekorot” is now leading the water revolution in Israel and is building the “New National Carrier”, which will receive the desalinated water from the five desalination facilities along the Mediterranean Sea and transfer them simultaneously in all directions: from the west to east, north and south.

Within this framework “Mekorot Development and Enterprise”, a subsidiary of “Mekorot”, is establishing the new desalination facility in Ashdod. The facility will add every year more than 100 cubic meters of water to the national water system. At the same time, “Mekorot” is operating nationwide 40 desalination facilities for brackish water and seawater, providing today high quality drinking water in the scope of about 40 million cubic meters per annum. In 2014 this number is expected to grow to about 50 million cubic meters per annum.







The Standards Institution of Israel
The Standards Institution of Israel

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