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Mekorot Development & Enterprise was established in order to function as the international accomplice of the Mekorot Group. MDE supplies high quality water, all the while preserving the environment.

MDE uses the most advanced technologies to supply and develop efficient water systems for all water-related challenges.

MDE provides planning services for governments, governmental water companies and utilities companies, all in order to find unique and integrative solutions for planning water systems and the correct and efficient execution of national water systems, with the correct utilization of water resources.

In addition to the technological efficiency and operation of the services provided on an ongoing basis, the quality of the relationship with the final customer is an important and integrative aspect of the quality of all services provided by MDE. MDE's aspiration is to excel in the quality of its daily services, in addition to the professionalism and individuality immersed in MDE's activities.

Working with different kinds of partners around the world allows for a maximal amount of cooperation and inclusion of information and resources, which eventually leads to a greater change for the environment, as well as for the population we work for.

The Mekorot Group offers solutions based on many years of experience in providing water services and implementing versatile projects in the form of Turn-Key projects, G-G etc. This experience promises the affective management of projects, with minimal affect on the environment, while constantly promoting and developing our customers' water- related needs.




The Standards Institution of Israel
The Standards Institution of Israel

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