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“Mekorot Development and Enterprise”, a subsidiary of the “Mekorot” Group, engages in promoting projects and activity in the competitive water market. The Company is the Group’s international business branch and as part of its activity it provides its clients, both in Israel and worldwide, with advanced technological solutions for increasing the water supply and improving the quality of water.

The Company’s activities include:

• Developing, designing, establishing and operating water  production and supply facilities and systems both in the domestic and the global market.

• Project management in the field of seawater and brackish water desalination.

• Wastewater treatment and effluent reuse and supply.

• Designing, establishing and operating one of the largest seawater desalination facilities of its kind.

• Operational solutions in the field of water resources management, water quality and safety, drilling and hydrology of wells.

• Commercialization of water technologies.

In the global market, “Mekorot Development and Enterprise” operates in a number of countries in South America, South East Asia, Africa, the Mediterranean (Cyprus) and Europe. Its activity is carried out in cooperation with leading local entities, with state of the art skills and high engineering abilities. Through these collaborations the Company participates in tenders and projects in these countries and promotes partnerships with regional and municipal water companies.

In the domestic market the Company’s activity includes the construction of seawater desalination facilities and sewage treatment facilities as well as the operation of municipal water systems.  “Mekorot Development and Enterprise’s” flagship project in Israel is the design, establishment and operation of the seawater desalination facility in Ashdod, at a cost of circa 1.5 billion NIS. The facility, one of the largest of its kind in the world, will add to the national water system over 100 million cubic meters of desalinated water every year, to be supplied everywhere in Israel.

The Standards Institution of Israel
The Standards Institution of Israel

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